It’s that time of year again

Rhino and calf

NaNo is coming.

When I was younger, it used to be Christmas we counted down to. Now, with a seasonal change towards Spring here down under, I hear the pounding feet (or is it heartbeat?) signalling the coming NaNo. No, pounding feet. Rhino feet.

Every year I contemplate whether it will value add to do NaNoWriMo or not. This year I’ve not joined in with CampNaNo, so am once again looking to November. I’ve been in a long-winded RE-planning phase for my project. The initial first draft was completed last NaNo I believe, but it’s taken this long to realise it needs a complete rewrite. What was one book has become a series, and highly complicated behind the scenes. I’ve been spending time on replanning and organising plot routes, character arcs, and a transmedia approach to story-telling.

Happily, importantly-  I’m still passionate about this project. And to my own credit, JK Rowling took five years to plan her book series. At least mine has only taken the one. And some of the current draft will be of use, I know.

So, in November I will be working on that first book – again. I’m thinking my own personal November may be called the year of NaNoRhino* – thick skin required, big feet, and occasionally a large horn to lever the story from the unpredictable terrain belly of rhino country.

* I actually thought I’d made up the Rhino Nano term. Silly me, many writers before me have had their own rhinoceros year.

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3 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again

    1. I discovered NaNo about 7-8 years ago, and I think only missed one of those years while moving countries. I’ve always won, but for the first few years did so under another name. I find the first 50k easy to write quickly, but broke some rules early on – I was writing 50k through smaller projects a few years before CampNaNo allowed projects other than novels.

      This year I suspect things will be much tougher, though. Rewriting a story I’ve previously worked on may trigger some issues towards killing my darlings, and now that I’ve worked out many more inputs, I know myself well enough to see the risk in over-writing, or over-egging it. Which isn’t how to win at NaNo at all.

      Good luck with your own rewriting endeavour.

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