2016 #MyOneWord = Characters

simpson characters

There are a thousand and one blog posts out there at the moment concerning setting goals and resolutions for writing this year. This is not one of them.

I do have some minor plans – to read 50 new books this year (done 2), for instance, and of course – get some writing projects completed. But I won’t bore you with huge graphs, charts, business plans and the like. Instead, I’ll give you My One Word for the Year.

I have two, actually. One as a personal issue. That one is “Kick it!” (I cheated with an extra word, so kick me, hah-uh). It should be something like “discipline” but I like something more action-ating (did I just make that word up? Maybe I should use that one….).

At least for writing, it’s pretty obvious to me what one word is necessary. So for my writing, it’s “Characters“.

This year for me is all about character. For my WIP I have a highly complex plotline and structure, but it’s the characters who are causing me difficulty. They just won’t play nice and sit in easy archetypes. One of them, the main one naturally – I can’t get a good grip on at all. They want (need) a lot from me, so the first part of this year is all about finding tools and knowledge to better understand their personality, voice and character arcs.

I’m considering putting some of this collated knowledge onto a post series in April for the A-Z Blogging Challenge, but in the meantime please be prepared for a lot of posts on character development tools over the foreseeable future. Starting with a slightly left of center one on using the tarot.

Graphic credit via SimpsonCrazy.com, where you can select each character interactively to find out their name.

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