Character Archetypes: G for Gemini (and other Zodiac Signs)

Today’s character archetype comes from a source often discounted, that of astrology and our Western Zodiac.

The Gemini as a character is profiled below. This post is accompanied by another showing how to create characters using the zodiac and a birth date base.

 “I Think” ~ Motto: The Gemini

The Gemini and Zodiac Archetypes

Whether you believe in astrology and having a particular set of character traits based on your date of birth, or are skeptical of the whole zodiac and star sign thing, most people are aware of certain expectations of character once you mention a star sign name, and writers can make use of this.

You can mix and match traits from this star sign, possibly with other signs associated to the birth date, or simply use a star sign like Gemini as a simple base for some characteristics.

You can take a number of steps for creating a character base off a zodiac symbol –

  1. Simple character traits from the star sign (see Signs of the Gemini below)
  2. Choose a birth date in the star sign range for your character, and add to the characteristics with an associated moon sign and ascending sign.
  3. Take a look at the sun sign’s elements, polarities and modalities for more possibilities.
  4. Add in more planets and signs via a full astrological chart
  5. Or, if you have an idea of birth date and time, use other zodiacs.

The second to fifth options – plus more, are detailed in the accompanying post, How to Create Characters Using Astrology.

Gemini Astrological Profile


The Gemini is a Mutable Air and Masculine sign, meaning that the character with this star sign picks up the following attributes –

  • Mutable people are adaptable, flexible, and go with the flow, so can instigate and communicate change when necessary Because they can see all sides of a situation they may have a hard time making a decision.
  • Air is the element of communication and the mind: intellectual, social, open, talkative, reasonable, open-minded, require mental stimulation, but also can be aloof and detached at times.
  • Masculine/positive: The fire and air signs are extroverted, objective, assertive, and active. They act and go after what they want.
Other points of the Gemini –
  • Motto: “I Think”
  • Symbol – the Twins
  • Colour – yellow
  • Ruled by the Planet: Mercury (as is Virgo).  Mercury is about your communication style, how you think, how you solve problems, how you learn, what you’re curious about, and some of your general interests.

hermesSome Ancient Mythology

  • Mercury is also the planet and name for Greek or Roman messenger God, Hermes / Mercury.
  • The signs and Gods ruled by this planet are associated with all aspects of direct communication, writing, teaching, short-distance travel and transportation, liars, theives and trickery; with brothers and sisters and with transformation.
  • Apollo’s gift of the golden caduceus (which would later become the symbol for medical practioners) is an important symbol of Mercury’s potential for transformation. Hermes is associated with the element mercury, or quicksilver, and its alchemical transmutation from liquid metal into gold is a metaphor of the soul’s journey toward psychological and spiritual transformation and wholeness.
  • Hermes/Mercury was the baby brother of Zeus/Apollo. As a baby, the legend goes that he snuck out as a newborn, stole his brother’s cattle, cooked and ate them, then lied about it when asked. Hence his associations with communication, liars, thieves and trickery.
  • The Twins symbol for Gemini are for the Twins, Castor and Pollux, who were Gods of favourable winds for sailors, horses, and Roman mounted knights, the equites. 

The Gemini as Archetype

mGvJWYEThe Gemini as archetype is  well known as the twins of the zodiac, signifying dual aspects, changes of mind, intellectualism and also a jester-like reputation. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information and communication. Gemini’s are also known as The Questioner, The Chameleon, The Jester, The Thinker or The Wanderer.

Signs of the Gemini

  • Dual in nature, two sides to the coin
  • Quick thinker and mind-changer, agile, adaptive, observant, versatile
  • Curious, creative thinker, intellectually flexible
  • Collects ideas and information all the time
  • As Kings and Queens of communication and information, you will find the modern Gemini ruling over a plethora of internet sites and social media, using the latest tech to collate and share information
  • A reputation as crafty, sly or fickle or scattered and can appear superficial
  • Can turn any situation into a laugh, makes the world more bearable.
  • Cheerful, witty, charming, socialable and entertaining.
  • Natural communicators – Talkative, expressive, but also argumentative with it.
  • Easily bored if not mentally stimulated
  • Can be doubtful, nervous, anxious and indecisive
  • Fears emotional depth, will retreat to thoughts. Needs downtime to think.
  • Fearing emotional depth, this sign is likely to turn to text to dump relationships or friendships
  • Lives in their mind, thoughts, in the unknown

Examples of Geminis

Real life – Gemini celebrities are typically announced via astrological sites.

Fictional – some of these are surmised out of personality rather than known fictional birth dates – Peter Pan, Bernadette (Big Bang Theory), Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Edward (Twilight), Pippn and Samwise (Lord of the Rings), Tom and Jerry, Captain Jack Sparrow, Kate Austen (Lost). Gemini is the name of a supervillain in the DC Universe, and a superhero character for Marvel. The Cat in the Hat, and Loki from Thor.

Other Names and Associates

  • Other names: The Questioner, The Chameleon, The Jester, The Thinker or The Wanderer, The Twins, Trickster
  • Associated: The Jester / Fool or Trickster (both Jung archetypes); Alter Ego or Dual Identities. The Student, The Storyteller, The Gypsy, The Journalist, The Comedian, The Child, The Writer, The Teacher, The Messenger, Peter Pan, Dashing Dan
    • Gemini in Cinemascope: A variety of genres and shrewd characters – this article relates the Gemini with cinematic archetypes – “detectives and spies, talented salesmen and flacks, struggling writers and shallow scribblers, crooks and gentleman master thieves, nervous stutterers, confused scientists, roving reporters, motormouths, urban neurotics, gangsters, and knowledgeable professors…”
  • Shadow: In this case you can choose from two shadows – either the Moon sign if you choose a birth date, or the shadow of a Gemini from a fear perspective would be the fear of being incapable of or having the freedom to think and ponder for themselves.

Further Resources

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Part of 2016’s Character Archetype Series (A-Z) @ Hunter is Writing.


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