Join me at myWriteClub

myWriteClub is a new beta site which allows you to setup writing goals to track and share.

Currently in beta, joining is free. Writing goals can be setup on words or page counts, percentages, amounts or as you please, so you can have one for writing, another for revision, and both in a tracker to see them at once. The tracker graphs look similar to how NaNoWriMo look. Goals can be public, allowing public comments, or private for friends view only. Emails inform movement on the site.

The site also allows friends and followers who can boost you on. I'm registered as WordHunter, so feel free to friend me, and I'll follow you back.

I've set up a blog goal, a pre-write goal which aims to complete in time for a full novel writing goal set for November's NaNoWrMo. I'll probably adjust those last two down over time.

For those who enjoy writing sprints, myWriteClub allows you to set your own up, or join in the global sprint which runs every half hour. Work is written in your bowser and can be saved into Dropbox.

Link: myWriteClub


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