Ideation Resource – Idea Camp

While I work on getting back into the Character Archetype Series (S to Z to go), I wanted to share a good blog series recently published as a writing resource.

Lucy Flint spent June publishing an Idea Camp series of posts. She shares many tools and techniques for generating writing ideas from within ourselves, and externally. The  9 post series is found in this order –

  1.  We’re Going to Be Invincible Writers! (Welcome to Idea Camp.)
  2. You’ve Already Done Your Hardest Research (So Let’s Turn It Into Idea Gold!)
  3. The Fun Way to Build an Army of Brilliant Little Ideas (Ready to Conquer Your Future Story Snags!)
  4. Don’t Skip This Essential Step Before Finding A Swoon-Worthy Idea
  5. You Are Completely Surrounded By Potential Ideas: Here’s One More Way To Capture Them!
  6. Your All-Purpose, Idea-Discovering, Secret Weapon! (My hands-down, favorite, most-used technique.)
  7. Four Quick Fixes for the Next Time You’re Looking for a Fresh Idea
  8. The One Cure for Your Biggest Idea Droughts
  9. Continue Your Idea-Making Awesomeness with These Six Amazing Guides!

I would add a tenth resource to writing ideas, and that’s one of forming a writing life habit of studying – and applying – writing and creativity craft. For instance, I took all of these posts above as web clips and hold copious crafting and creativity articles like these in my Evernote databases. As I research and learn things like structure, characterisation etc, and even in reading Lucy’s posts, new ideas generate for me also. I also applied what Lucy wrote to form several new idea files and resources for myself.

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