NaNoWriMo Hashed

I’m making NaNoWriMo my own, after freaking out about the date. Today here in Sydney it’s the 28th, with only four days to go before NaNo starts, and I find myself unready.

I have spent the past month slowly prepping up for the novel I intended writing, but yesterday came to the understanding that I’ve not got the setting right. Normally this could be winged (or pantsed) with a limited understanding of what is needed. But not for this one, the setting is elemental to the entire novel series, the key to not only a large collegiate of new characters but to the entire theme.

I had at some later point intended building a guide book to the world based on the fiction written, as a storybible to check through on revisions. However, it now looks like I need to do that firstly so that I can go into the story with enough base to drive the main characters.

So I won’t be drafting the novel fully through NaNoWriMo. I do have some key pivot scenes to write, so will be working on the draft, but not to any completion. But mostly I will be working on the now supplemental work of building that fictional guide also, plus any new character profiles and plotlines which may come from it.

This type of writing will suit my own November better. As we enter the weekend over here, I’m very aware that my family is committed to full days away for sports events, and other tasks. I won’t be able to write every day through November like I normally do, and will have to make up both wordcount for several days when I do find a day I can plan in time. November has always suited me for writing, more than the CampNaNo months, but I have an inkling this year of how Americans who face family holidays in the middle of the month must feel regarding finding that time for writing.

This means that I will be facing mid-week days where I may need to write for ten hours solid. Normally this suits me if I have enough prep-work done to know the novel almost scene by scene. As I don’t, this would mean I may spend a lot of time gazing at made-up rainbows trying to draw out a muse. Instead, I can move to the guidebook and worldbuilding, which is fictional and creative at least.

I will count new wordcounts on both documents as part of NaNoWriMo.

So that will be my hash of the writing challenge this year. I wish all those who are in NaNo this year every success, whether it’s simply new wordcount or a “win” of the challenge. It’s all good.

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