Visual Resume 2014

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Hunter Emkay had an idyllic childhood in small-town New Zealand, then moved to the big smoke cities of her home country and the U.K. to work for many years in corporate I.T. She recently returned back down-under for some much needed quiet (so she thought) but all that suburban madness drove her to kill people in her fiction.
Today Hunter shares her fictional and real life with a small family of people, and a large family of animals, and writes to the sounds of kookaburras and cockatoos, occasionally accompanied by a bandicoot or echidna. But thankfully, never a kangaroo.
Catch up with Hunter and the animals on her writing journey blog or author website.

The ABCs of the Alpacas

For some time I only had the one scape-alpaca, Arnie. I was in need of something a little bigger than a scape-goat when it came to excuses for not writing. Arnie filled the hole. He has since formed a herd, because as comments on here insist, alpacas are herd animals. Arnie and I are now accompanied by his lovely wife, Bondi, and son Cambridge.

13 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank you Robin. I found your own blog via this visit. Must go back and read some more of Vikki’s also.

  1. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog – I’m looking forward to having a nosy through everything you’ve posted here in your neck of the woods, and am already chuckling at the comment above. PLEASE: MORE ALPACAS.

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