Bucket Lists

JetSetManifestoI have always had a problem with choosing favourites, but as I entered my middle years, made a promise to define a few favs like favourite food, or colours, whenever asked. Of course, if asked the same thing again, the answers are often different – when put on the spot, my favourites are chosen on a whim, according to mood, as changeable as my hormones and the weather that day.

Lists, however, especially those which signify a challenge or wish, tend to be more static. So here are a few of my bucket lists. However, I’m not that worried if I don’t manage to cross off these. One of my favourite inspirational manifestos is The JetSetCitizen Manifesto, the brainchild of John Bardos. Bardos is quoted as saying this about the subject:

“A meaningful life does not come from crossing off items from a bucket list, getting stoned on exotic beaches, or getting stamps in your passport. Personal excellence is reflected in all the little decisions you make in your life everyday.”

Life Bucket List:

  1. Publish many novels.
  2. Meet somebody in person that I’ve only known via Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Own a scooter/moped.
  4. Own a convertable and drive to the beach wearing a scarf to control my hair.
  5. Own a house on top of a hill overlooking the beach, with enough acreage for lots of pets, and a real life alpaca and some goats.
  6. See my daughter happily married, perhaps with kids.
  7. Have a happy and healthy retirement (not from writing, however – which shouldn’t be retired), shared with those I love.
  8. Skydive as a 79 year old.
  9. Have purple hair when older. (And wear red).
  10. Take pride in being a cat (and dog) lady.
  11. Convince ten people that being an introvert, and not talking all the time, is actually a useful person to have around.
  12. Go bra-less in public – for once, and not care what others think.
  13. Open my home and family to fostering something – a handicapped child on a weekend break, or a guide dog puppy.
  14. Read or re-read some classic novels.
  15. Take my daughter to Disney World before she’s too old to appreciate it. Buy Mouse Ears and wear them.
  16. Go to another large rock concert. Buy the tee-shirt and wear it with pride as a 80 year old.
  17. Motivate and coach a group of girls (drama, flash dancing, something?)
  18. Take a trip in a helicopter, preferably across beautiful islands.

Writing Bucket List:

  1. Go to a large writing conference like Thrillerfest.
  2. Define my direction, career, and non-genre-fied writing brand.
  3. Self-Publish a novel
  4. Publish a shorter piece of fiction
  5. Earn money from writing
  6. Have a reader / fan email me
  7. Find a friend / critique partner
  8. Find an agent – if they still provide value
  9. Revise and fully self-edit, then find editors for my work.
  10. Write and publish a non-fiction book
  11. Enter and win a writing competition
  12. Write collaboratively with another person
  13. Keep a regular journal
  14. BookCross my own book, and several others.
  15. Start and maintain a mailing list / newsletter.
  16. Write in a cafe and be productive in it.

Travel Bucket List:

  1. London, England Worked and lived there
  2. Cambridge, UK Worked and lived there
  3. Wales, UK
  4. Edinburgh and Glascow, Scottish Lochs including searching for Nessie at Loch Ness, Scotland
  5. Isle of Skye, Scotland Will always remember the ferry crossing, and the Shetland Cattle wondering the island.
  6. Paris, and French Riveria, France
  7. Dublin, Ireland Worked there, over a St Patrick’s Day. Drunk with the locals. Also, part of my heritage.
  8. Belfast, and Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland The murals painted denoting some of ‘The Troubles’ are memorable, as are the excellent bars.
  9. Cairo, Luxor, Valley of the Kings, and the Pyramids, boated on the Red Sea, sailed on the Nile, Egypt Love Egypt, always want to go back.
  10. Munich & Colne, Germany Oktoberfest,Munich – something I never want to do again. The Colne Christmas Markets are something I do want to do again.
  11. Liechtenstein -the prince never came down from the Castle.
  12. Vienna, Austria
  13. Swiss Alps
  14. Anne Frank’s house and Red Light District, Amsterdamn Incredibly moving.
  15. Majorca, Canary Isles
  16. Barcelona, Spain
  17. Madrid, Spain
  18. Portugal
  19. Venice, Florence, Rome, Vatican City (Sistene Chapel), Piza, Pompei – Italy (plus other inner areas)
  20. Athens, and Corfu, Greece
  21. Kusadesa and Mountains, Turkey
  22. Hawaiian Islands – just about all the main ones, USA. The Big Island with it’s black rocks and active volcanoes will always be remembered.
  23. Los Angeles, USA
  24. Florida, Los Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Route 66 trip, New York City, New Orleans, USA
  25. Montreal, Canada
  26. Mexico and/or Cuba.
  27. Barbados or the Bahamas.
  28. See live giraffes and zebras on Safari, South Africa or Kenya.
  29. Tokyo, Japan
  30. Hong Kong
  31. Phuket, Thailand
  32. Bangkok, Thailand
  33. Pacific Islands – Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, Chatham Islands, New Caladonia (Nieue) Would also like to do a large cruise around some Pacific Islands. And take a picture with the Moai at Easter Island.
  34. Malaysia and Indonesia – a few islands like Bintan Island, Cherating Beach. Bali.
  35. Singapore – hot, humid and busy.
  36. India
  37. Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Adelaide, Northern Territories, Perth, Australia
    Obviously I now live in Australia, and have much more of this country to visit including visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock).
  38. Beijing and Xi’an, China. Climb the Great Wall. 
  39. Moscow, Russia
  40. Ho Chih Min City – Vietnam
  41. New Zealand – obviously as I was born there, I know or have traveled most of it. But next time I go back, I would like to visit the Shire (Lord of the Rings) and take a campervan down the North Island to show my daughter her roots. Geisers and hot pools – despite the smell, are a living memory.
  42. Travel alone, as a single woman, for over a month.
  43. Swim with dolphins
  44. Go whale watching
  45. Go to a Comic Con
  46. Go to a baseball or ice-hockey game in America or Canada.

What’s on your bucket list?

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