Rethinking Books (I) – Book Love Good or Bad?


As a writer, my whole job is centred around books. To make a good writer,we have to be a good reader too. Which comes very easily for most of us. We love words, so we read, and then we write, and read some more.

But today I had an epiphany, thanks to an online news article. Today, I began to rethink my love of books, and see them as – dare I suggest it – clutter! It’s a love that can go bad, just like any relationship, and one which is better off managed.

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Book Notes: Learning from Books


A little while ago I took the most-often taken road of a writer – I decided to no longer review books. This is something quite difficult NOT to do. Writers, are by nature, readers firstly – most of us got into writing after a lifetime reading habit.

Once we accept and start working on writing as our domain, our career, we also strike the contrariness of reading as a writer, and no longer for pleasure.

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