#atozchallenge F is for Focus on the Now

This is a bonus post directing you to one of the latest Brain Pickings posts – The Science of How Your Mind-Wandering Is Robbing You of Happiness.  The post pulls together many happiness studies, a TedX talk and other findings, providing convincing proof that a key to our happiness, writer or not, is in focusing on the here and now. There is also a link to a list of the seven must-read books on happiness.

So, we’re not just talking about focus for the sake of getting tasks done, focus and immersive living in the now are keys to our own happiness.

Core Habit: Focus on your writing tasks at hand today, now.

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Detailed Fictional Killings or Not?

As a writer of suspense / thrillers with quite a lot of police procedurals, I was bound to come across this kind of question within myself – should I, or should I not, include details of killings such as gory scenes, or torture?

I’ve previously stated that I prefer to keep away from a lot of gory details, and I don’t actually enjoy reading some of it myself. I’m the type of person who never went to watch horror movies, and hides under the bed covers when scary foretelling “something bad is about to happen” music comes onto the television.

On the other hand, I don’t enjoy particularly cosy mysteries either, and importantly – I want to work with the reality of crimes, and their impact on victim’s family and friends also.

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