Indie Life: Visual Book Review – How to Market a Book

IndieLifeDue to my current bout with Fijian flu, I’m a couple of days late on the monthly Indie Life post, but wanted to incorporate this visual book review, relevant to Indie Authors.

Joanna Penn is well-known to writers with her top writing website, and she’s just come out with a new book for writers – How to Market a Book. Although she says (quite rightly) that marketing is relevant to both traditionally published and self-published authors nowadays, the book concentrates very much on aspects of marketing and publishing up to Amazon for Indie writers. The book is an excellent reference tool, and I’m including my 5 star review from Goodreads below the graphic review.

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Holiday Reading

I’m back from ten days in the Fijian sun, but arrived home with the worst bout of flu I’ve had in years, so am incapable of doing much more than sleeping a lot, and doing a quick roundup of my holiday reading. Cricket sounds…in my head. See you soon, once I extract myself from the duvet.

Oh, and you were right – apart from tapping into a reading log, I did no writing whilst on holiday.

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Want Books? StoryBundle offers packages at choose-your-own prices

A month ago I discovered StoryBundle, which at the time was offering a good package of female-authored eBooks, curated by M. J. Rose (so: full of thrillers and mystery fiction). Currently, StoryBundle’s newest bundle is a niche-offering of Video-Games books. Previous offers have included Holiday bundles, Halloween bundles and I missed the Indie Crime and Thriller bundle of last year.

These bundles of ebooks are available on choose-your-price options. In other words, readers can choose to pay what they like for a collection of reading.

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