How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

If anyone is interested, The Guardian UK posted 30 days worth of Novel crafting articles on its website in October 2012. These have been excerpted from an edited extract of ‘First Draft in 30 Days‘ (Writer’s Digest Books) by Karen Wiesner, and beautifully illustrated by Jess Wilson – one of which appears here.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Yep

row80Yep, doing okay. My goals of revising Blue Popcorn, my work from NaNoWriMo last year are being tasked out. I can’t say that I’m doing that work five days a week, there remain many distractions – the most prevalent being the 46 degree heat we went through on Friday here in Sydney. You can’t think, let alone work in that.

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The Writing of a First Draft – a Technology Image Gallery

Organised general workboards for the writing of my novel.
Organised general workboards for the writing of my novel.

This is the first of a month of round-up posts for 2012. In this post, I want to share how I went from pre-planning to a first rough draft and onwards, and the technology used in my WIP. As they say now, “There’s an app for that”. This is a predominantly image-based post, for Windows users who also happen to have an iPad.

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B is for Blue Heron

A quickie.

A new to me reader just liked one of my posts on here. FierceBuddist (like another I admire, FiveReflections) does haikus. Yay, haikus. You know I love haikus, right? Yes, there is a softer side to me.

So, FierceBuddist has a little Blue Heron haiku going at the moment. And you get to vote on the best version. I actually like Version 2 better than Version 5 at this point, but then – I can sometimes have less than immaculate taste.

Go and have a read, and vote on your own favourite. Make that blue heron sing.

P.S. Both FierceBuddist and FiveReflections are on wordpress, by the way. If you’re on, you can easily follow them – click the follow button up on the top menu button. You’ll get regular haikus to brighten your day then.

P.P.S. – My favourite New Zealand bird is the great white heron, the Kotuku. It’s a migratory heron that you can also find across the Pacific Ocean. In my childhood I lived on the coast, and often had Kotuku’s in our garden, and goldfish ponds.