Character Archetypes: D for Dolphin

archetypes dolphin

Today’s character archetype is representative of the many animal archetypes we can make use of in building a character. Many animals symbolise certain traits, roles and metaphors as soon as we think of them. The dolphin has an ancient history basis also.

This post will also preview the many other animals with similar archetypes, often as spirit or zodiac guides.

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Character Archetypes: B for Brat

archetypes brat

Today’s character archetype is a modern trope normally associated to the teen or child. The Brat has an interesting pedigree, and has gone from a totally negative stereotype to one which can be used as a basis or starter archetype for a heroine.

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Character Archetypes: A for Alter-Ego

archetypes alter ego

In a new series on Character Archetypes, the first entry today is A for the Alter-Ego. When I hear the word, I naturally think of the superhero genre, but alter-egos or dual identities are more common than you might think, and provide an interesting method for developing a very creative fictional character.

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Getting Stuck in NaNoWriMo? Here’s some resource links

E4W Unstuck Exercises NaNo

Over on my tumblr blog I just put up a post linking to resources I’m collating as NaNoWriMo helper posts – these come in two categories – the #NaNoPrep posts of October (which I’m still discovering); and the current #NaNoPeptalk posts being published.

I am taking any of these as I find them and reblogging or linking to them every day over November. To save you the time, here are the direct links to the tag searches, which will give you an index page of all these posts. You may find them useful for times when you get stuck.

#nanoprep (previous posts from October)

#nanopeptalk (current and growing index of posts to help through November)

NaNoWriMo Storybundle


Storybundle has 25 writing craft books available for $30 in honour of NaNo this year. These come in downloadable ebook formats, in two tiers. Pay the full or more price, and you get all 25. If you're like me and already have the second tier – available last year – just pay a little less to get the 2015 tier of books.

Get them here –


The Looming (of NaNo) – Jigging the Plans for Success


It’s Friday morning my time – eta on NaNo: 40 hours away. With this looming month of torturous writing upon me, I have come to the slow understanding that my initial plans for writing during the challenge were scarpered a few weeks ago.

So, to achieve success, I’m rejigging those plans and objectives for the marathon. Because we own this, so we are at liberty to plan our own successes (possibly by cheating).

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NaNoWriMo 2015 is Live


The NaNoWriMo website is now live for 2015.

As usual, I am half-passioned for NaNo this year. NaNo works for me, but for a lot of writers who join up, simply doesn’t. Maybe this year I won’t be successful in typing out 50K of words, but I’ll take the preparation work I’m doing currently and any words I do manage in the month as my elixir reward for my own mini-hero’s journey any day.

Good luck to you also, if you are participating this year.

For more prep talk – I’m collating all the best I am personally finding across the web, via the #nanoprep tag at Everything for Writers.