3 Days, 3 Free Mini Writing Workshops

When I was a learner writer (as if we ever stop being that?!) I found a lot of help through Holly Lisle’s online writing workshops.

Her large (7 month) basics class, How to Think Sideways is relaunching for a very brief time again at the moment, and to celebrate (and draw you in) there are 3 mini workshops starting today. These are completely free to take, all you need is to signup to an email system.

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Writing Resources – Revision and Self-Editing

I am currently in the middle of a revision phase. Which means I now am gifted with a greater understanding of the phase and an even bigger realisation that I don’t (yet) have enough knowledge to get me through.  The self-editing stage is where all that writing craft knowledge comes into use.

There are hundreds of writing craft books, courses and WWW resources on structure, plotting and how to write a novel, but significantly less for the next process of revision, rewriting or self-editing.

But slowly more and more blog posts, writing books, and courses are opening up around the revision process for fiction.

I’ve curated some of the best as a resource collection for you, and posted this up recently at my Tumblr resource blog. I hope it’s helpful for all of those like me, who are in this phase of producing a manuscript worthy of contention.

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#52Tech Week 25– Project Management Apps for the iPAD

Entrepreneurial writers (which is all of us nowadays) often need to juggle various tasks and deadlines for projects. Even a regular book launch can benefit from some project management regarding timelines, tasks and milestones.

Beginning next week this blog will be running a 2-week series on productivity. As a lead-in, for this week’s #52Tech post I am featuring some apps which will let you chart out your tasks for larger projects.


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#52Tech Week 24 and Journaling Week–The Bullet Journal

Today concludes the Journaling Week, and also works as a #52Tech post.

Today’s post is not about a tech tool, but rather, a productivity system which hacks together an analogue method for list task management.

I particularly like the Bullet Journal system because it offers users a free method for not only simple journal planner setup in list form, but it’s stylistically expandable, and can accomplish many other forms of journaling within. And it meets the new findings towards handwriting rather than digital.

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Journaling Week: The Done List

Continuing on with the Journaling Week, today’s post discusses the “Done List”.

The “Done List” is a popular productivity method for those who prefer to track their achievements than make task lists. It’s been featured on many top websites like Lifehacker on several occasions. The Done List as a name obviously comes from the opposing side of a productivity system we all know about – that of the To Do List.

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