The Tilt between Plot and Character

kmweiland1-plot vs character

I used to be a big plotter. I spent many days if not weeks on developing plot before “going in”. This year I’ve noticed a change in my writing process, with character development taking a turn at the forefront.

Provided it ends up balanced, I’m happy with the shift. December brings a discovery of my own tilt between the two, shifting the scales of my own writing processes.

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Getting Stuck in NaNoWriMo? Here’s some resource links

E4W Unstuck Exercises NaNo

Over on my tumblr blog I just put up a post linking to resources I’m collating as NaNoWriMo helper posts – these come in two categories – the #NaNoPrep posts of October (which I’m still discovering); and the current #NaNoPeptalk posts being published.

I am taking any of these as I find them and reblogging or linking to them every day over November. To save you the time, here are the direct links to the tag searches, which will give you an index page of all these posts. You may find them useful for times when you get stuck.

#nanoprep (previous posts from October)

#nanopeptalk (current and growing index of posts to help through November)

The Looming (of NaNo) – Jigging the Plans for Success


It’s Friday morning my time – eta on NaNo: 40 hours away. With this looming month of torturous writing upon me, I have come to the slow understanding that my initial plans for writing during the challenge were scarpered a few weeks ago.

So, to achieve success, I’m rejigging those plans and objectives for the marathon. Because we own this, so we are at liberty to plan our own successes (possibly by cheating).

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Productivity Fortnight+1– Writing Productively

Productivity Fortnight 18

In the past three weeks, this website has published 15 different posts on the subject of productivity. Although many of those posts have included relevant links and tips for writers, sometimes a whole heap of different techniques and tips just gets lost in the noise.

Today here’s a very brief recommendation for minimal impact, on how a writer might process some of these tools into their own writing routines, and benefit for it. For newer writers of larger projects like a novel, non-fiction ebook, or series of blog posts (like this one).

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Productivity Fortnight+1 & #52Tech: Apps and Systems for That

Productivity Fortnight 15

This is the final post within the three week Productivity series, and also falls as Week 30 for the #52Tech Series.

This post is a random collection of further systems and tech associated with some of the topics covered over the productivity series. You will find tools to help out in email zero’ing, timing and prioritising tasks and further resources on productivity.

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