One (and a 1/2) Question Poll

This is a one-question poll for Tech for Writers newletter readers. Please answer this ONE (and a half) question, check the survey results for other responses, and discuss via the comments.

The majority (and possibly the bit quirky) wins. I will supply the answer to your driving questions in the very next edition of the T4W newsletter.

The One Big Question

1/2 a Question

Are you prepared to put your sanity, morality and geekery on the line, and be part of a talented, winning, incredibly attractive, kismet-owed crew of beta readers for “Evernote for Writers”?

Beta BeautyIn other words – do you want to get a free copy of the whole book and kaboodle and all that knowledge to turn yourself into a productivity writing ninja using a free tool *takes a breath* long before anybody else?

In return for this fabulous prize, you must be prepared to be brutally honest but kind in your reading, to get back your comments and thoughts in good time and standing, and be responsible in helping me to get the book ready to go public. ie to beta beauty.

If so, hit this mailto button to the left (you can’t really miss it) and you’re good to go. You don’t have to add anything else, just send that email. I wish it were as easy to send you back cookies.

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