#52Tech Week 40 – Life in the Cloud

Most writers are using (possibly abusing) cloud storage. Many of us may be unaware of just how many of our apps and routine digital lives make use of cloud storage, and with the whole heartbleed and naked celebrity problems of late, others may be questioning this usage.

I can remember a time when storage on the web wasn’t a difficult concept, given our lack of hard-drive storage space. Back then, the term “cloud” hadn’t existed. But what is cloud, and where do we find it?

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#52Tech Week 39 Hiveword and Charahub

The loss of my writing mascot Mickey this week has left me unable to function totally in writing, which is difficult given my intentions to participate in NaNoWriMo again this year. But at some stage soon I must force myself back into the prewriting phase and prepare to a certain degree for the marathon.

As a former extreme plotter I’m more relaxed about outlining and planning nowadays, having realised my propensity for overdoing it and losing my passion for the story. I’m more flexible and use different creative techniques for coming up with characters or plot basics, but am always thankful of helpful tools for this work – particularly if they’re cheap or free, and accessible.

The Hiveword Online Fiction Organizer and Charahub are two webapps which fit both criteria, and could be perfect for NaNo prep.

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#52Tech Week 33–Outline Lists with Workflowy

For week 33 of the #52Tech series, Workflowy is highlighted.

Firstoff – I’m not a huge fan of Workflowy anymore. Some other reviewers have loved it, others hated it. Workflowy – or any outliner – is a bit like vegemite in that respect – you either love it or hate it, there appears no middle-ground.

If you don’t get on with the Workflowy format, in Week 34 I’ll be profiling some alternatives.

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#52Tech Week 32–Story Starters

I personally don’t tend to use a lot of writing prompt generators. At this moment in my writing career I have a problem with having too many ideas to pursue. But prompts are part of many writer’s daily writing arsenals, useful for many tasks, practise and kicking our muses into gear.

Here’s a very short post on two LARGE sources of prompts, and a couple more. There are many more out there, so feel free to comment in with your own favourites.

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