NameD the Scape-Alpaca Herd

Given that I haven’t published anything under the Hunter Emkay name as yet, I am having trouble coping with the fact that as a writer, one of my character creations has already usurped me in the popularity stakes.

But Arnie the Alpaca is my most searched for (and found) posts by far. Who am I to question all the alpaca love out there, so…

Now Arnie has his herd – a lovely mistress and a kid. After a little consideration I’ve decided to name the two for a couple of places that mean a little to me.

The mummy alpaca is Bondi – named for one of the most famous beaches in the world, and several local television shows which use the location for titling. Arnie and Bondi’s son is named Cambridge – after a county and city – the original in the UK, that I lived in for over a decade. ABC.

Random Post – Arnie Likes This

Thought my pet alpaca, Arnie, had done a disappearing act lately, huh? No chance. He still sits over my shoulder like some fierce dictator – “write, write, write!” or he threatens to spit on me.

To distract him a little, there is this <–. It’s not for the whole family as claimed, however. Arnie ate some of the cards, so nobody can play it now.