Author Mission Statements

Author Mission Statements.

Via Vikki, I learnt of this post by Joanne Phillips, beckoning us all to come up with a mission statement.

A little like my own post on catch phrases some time ago, and I have to hold my head up in shame – coming up with something so definitive about myself is even harder than trying to snag a 25 word gripping elevator pitch or one paragraph blurb for a novel.

Much harder.

Writer Vs Author : Where I’m at with this

On the 10th of January, through browsing my tweeps, and reading my RSS feeds, there it was – not one, but two different blog posts talking about the differences between writers and authors.

Both made valid and interesting points, some of each I didn’t agree whole-heartedly with. But mostly, it got me thinking about where I’m at with both terms, and how I see myself – and will publically introduce myself in this world.

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