Care for some Writing Goals Support? ROW80, Ready Set Write! and Ninja Teams

Goal SettingFor most writers I know, it’s summer time. Yay you! Spare a thought for us down-under writers who may be shivering inside and outside. But no matter the hemisphere, most of us share the next few months with some school holidays to manoeuvre through, if parents, and some definite intentions to make the most of the months and get some writing done.

If you’re looking for some community motivation and cheering on, there are a couple of options in blogfests to join.

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Indie Life: Finding a Home and Internet Dating

IndieLifeEvery second Wednesday of the month, the Indelibles blog holds the Indie Life blogfest. Signup here, and follow around the linky route for other posts. This is my first entry into Indie Life, just in the nick of time.

Today I wanted to briefly talk about the mixed feelings of home found in being an Indie writer.

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A Very British Blog Post

Web friend Vikki just did this post after being tagged on it back in March. She didn't tag anyone, but I'm claiming the blog tour based on some tenuous links.

This is a blog tour for British writers. I'm not quite sure who originated it, there is no linky sign up, and perhaps no tagging. If relevant to you, feel free to claim the tour and tell your blog readers about your own Britishness and writing. Leave a comment to tell me, and I'll come read.

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Gearing Up Meet and Greet

Deana Barnhart

I've just joined up for the GUTGAA blogfest being run by Deana Barnhart for September. I hope that the activities involved will help me in my own work, and equally that the blogfest will introduce to me some more writers, always a good thing.

The first activity is designed as an introduction, using seven questions and we have to provide a mini bio also, so here goes.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Of WIPs, Goals, Timelines and Aussie BBQ’s

It’s Wednesday somewhere, but Thursday here (and Australia Day – go to a virtual BBQ blogfest at Lynda’s blog).

I’ve succeeded at my ROW80 goals to spend at least 2 hours a day on my WIP. In fact, I’ve over-achieved by far. I made the most of having my daughter out of the house for several hours. She learnt movie making for kids. I learnt where I’m going with the WIP.

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