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#atozchallenge Participating in Blogging from A to Z

I finally got around to making my mind up and signed up to participate in April’s Blogging from A to Z challenge. I know what hard work it is in writing and posting once a day for a full 30 days – and also in going around and reading and commenting on other participant blogs each and every day.

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Z is for Ze End (of a challenge).

It is the end of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge today and I don’t have the energy to come up with a scintillating (zintillating?) ending for the letter ‘Z’. My laptop finally did a bunk on its power problems last week, and was taken away to what I thought was a certain death.

That must be the worst scenario for a writer, by the way, to lose access to their keyboard. Typing out blog posts on an infra-red rubber keypad attached to an iPad just doesn’t cut it long-term, take it from me. I tried, and only managed a couple. (It’s quite good for reading, though).

So, this is my final post for the A-Z Challenge, and also a checkin for the #ROW80 group.

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W is for Writing Well or Wiggling Out of It or Wet Willies

I’ve been slightly unwell lately, both in the health and writing department. That’s allowed more time for some reading, and other creative pursuits, but there’s one important thing to remind myself of – my own dislike in reading on a writer’s blog about how they haven’t done any writing, achieved their goals, or done anything productive in writing.

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N is for Numbers – Writing by Numbers

When they first came out – way back when – I can remember my mother spending quite a few hours peering down with a paintbrush, and re-creating a masterpiece by colouring in blocks of numbers. You can still buy ‘Paint by Numbers‘ kits, but they are quite small, and target children nowadays.

If only writing could be done similarly – by the numbers. But it can’t, even if I’m sometimes tempted to follow some writing pundit’s step by steps (which noticeably never come with any guarantee anyway, nor do they come with a ready-mixed painting block which takes a lot of the fun out of it).

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