Using Tarot for Writing Inspiration [Resource Links]

Writers have always used all sorts of random generating tools to prompt and help develop their writing. Popular choices include the random story making dice or cubes available, the many writing prompt books and posts, or using images for inspiration.

Tarot Card Decks provide some very beautiful images (with meaning) as inspiration for both plot and characters. In fact, proper tarot decks are organised into archetypal groupings which can be helpful for character development. This post features some of the best resource links out there for using the Tarot for writing inspiration.

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The Tilt between Plot and Character

kmweiland1-plot vs character

I used to be a big plotter. I spent many days if not weeks on developing plot before “going in”. This year I’ve noticed a change in my writing process, with character development taking a turn at the forefront.

Provided it ends up balanced, I’m happy with the shift. December brings a discovery of my own tilt between the two, shifting the scales of my own writing processes.

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