Free Autumn/Spring MOOC Courses of Interest to Writers

How to study a MOOC has recently published the Lifehacker University Fall 2015 Programme, which in essence is a roundup list of links to free university and MOOC online courses available at this time.

Of interest, I chose several which pique my own writer within (although some of the computer programming ones are also of interest). My choice for some interesting online courses (quoted from Lifehacker University) for fiction writers after the cut.

But if you want others, read the Lifehacker post. And at the bottom the post lists many other resources for MOOC courses you can find.

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Learn Scrivener Fast

Way back in January of this year I posted about Joseph Michael’s fantastic Scrivener course, Learn Scrivener Fast, and believed in it so much that I became an affiliate. But I’m not a great marketer, which appears to be less needed every month, with the Learn Scrivener Fast course taking off across the net.

But with the arrival of a lot of emails in my own inbox today, now’s the time to remind you.

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