#IndieLife | Are you the GateKeeper? I’m the KeyMaster.

I’ve been down on indie lately. The ‘us against them’ mentality that remains prevalent across the net lately can just do that.

But Indie as a publishing mechanism has been fraught with controversy and some interesting news only over the last week – and yesterday. Here are the links, should you not have caught up.

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#IndieLife: The Motivation to Write…Something

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In the previous six posts – I explored some of the prime identifiers for writing – whether we write for money, or perhaps sheer persistence against some staggeringly depressing odds for writing success. And why.

Those posts drill down into the age-old adage that “real writers” write in response to a calling that means we would write anyway, despite making no money or finding little success from the craft.

But there’s another level to it all.

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Is it Really a Calling to Write?

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Nowadays the sheer weight of all the other writers out there – and the fact we can see their presence via the must-have platform building – that gives us much more pressure to either follow our calling to write no matter the gruelling statistics, or to give up.

But we’re not giving up, are we?

There is something to be acknowledged with all the opinions (some of which I’ve quoted from in this series) that we write because we are called to write, and must write. Like a drug habit or bodily function.

But there’s more to it than that.

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Writing to Right the World, or Yourself

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Over my many years of writing, I’ve noticed changes (obviously) to why I’m writing. Although I admit that writing journal pages,for instance, isn’t something that makes me feel content in writing, I am aware of the catharsis that is found in putting thoughts from the past or the day down in paper.

Even if I dispose of them later on.

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Writing for Story – It’s in the Genes

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The motivation to write is something that many of us feel. Millions of us, perhaps billions of us. As a writer I would guess that every time the subject is brought up publicly, you’ll have some relative, friend, work colleague or random stranger come up to you and talk about the book they have in them too (if only they had time, etc).

For every writer out there actually writing something, imagine how many more people there must be who want to write, but don’t. (A good thing, too. Because the relationship should be one writer to many readers, not one writer to…somebody busy writing also…).

The dream to write is something undeniably in our human genes.

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Writing Against the Odds – Facing Reality and Writing Past It

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So, we all agree. We write, because we love to write. But is love enough to feed us alone?

Possibly, for all the writers who write despite everything, who write for themselves alone,who journal or write that one book they had in them, and don’t worry about anything to do with eating, or success, or accolades.

And for the rest of us – despite the dismal odds, we continue.

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#IWSG: Writing for Love or Money

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At a gut level, most writers know that we must write…just to write. And no other reason will support a long-term writing habit or career, or even a writing hobby.

In the depths of things, though–sometimes that love is tempered with issues, fights, and dare I say it, realism. One of those realisms – money.

Recently, several other writers have dealt with the subject in various ways. And for a little time, although understanding and agreeing with their viewpoints, I was also left confused about what I now see as a difference between that base level of a calling to write, and the working level of motivating factors for our writing.

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The Calling to Write vs The Motivation to Write Something

male hand with pen isolated on white backgroundAs I’ve spent a lot of time writing so far this month, I’ve found that writing flow gets easier and easier. It’s at that time,when sitting there, feeling energized by the actual process of tapping out words, forming sentences, paragraphs, whole pages – that’s the time when I remember why I write in the first place, and ponder why at other times it’s the most difficult thing to do in the world.

Lately there’s been a fair few posts, and portions of books dealing partially with this topic. Over the next week, I’m going to explore the same topic, sharing some quotes and my own thoughts. After the cut, please find the index to all the posts, as they build.

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