2 interesting email newsletter facts for writers


The number one thing we are told to do as writers wanting to build platform, is to have an email newsletter of some form or other.

Despite the constant debate over whether we should blog (and who to, what about) or how much time and effort should be put onto other social media aspects, the one direction every guru out there gives us is to have a newsletter.

Newsletters let us inform and engage, no matter what our other platforms and websites are doing. And subscribers are kind enough to give us permission to enter their inbox to do so.

Here are two interesting facts about newsletters:

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How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

If anyone is interested, The Guardian UK posted 30 days worth of Novel crafting articles on its website in October 2012. These have been excerpted from an edited extract of ‘First Draft in 30 Days‘ (Writer’s Digest Books) by Karen Wiesner, and beautifully illustrated by Jess Wilson – one of which appears here.

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4 Writer’s Platform Building–Flash Fiction Challenge.

The shadows crept across the wall. For a moment she was surprised she could still see them, in this dark.

She struggled to lift her head, caught in the moment between then and now.

Then, she’d been reading, snuggled in the duvet, eye-deep in Bronte, her all-time favourite. Vince had set her up for a luxurious night without him. His home-cooked pasta, a bubbly bath with that huge goblet of Minot, the room romantically strewn with those big chocolate and vanilla scented candles.

Then, he’d even brought out the special edition book, and tucked her into their bed as he’d opened the window to let the angels in, he’d said. Because she loved angels. And reading. And feeling all cushy and safe swaddled in the duvet, head buzzing with too much luxury, but warm against the cold night air.

Now, she’d wished she’d never woken up.

Now flaring pain tore up her nerves as she pushed at the duvet melted into her. Through glazing-dry eyes, she looked at what used to be her hands out there, all ash and blister. For a moment she was surprised she could still see them, in this dark.

Orange, red, golden agony.

Everything faded.

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Write Anything’s GFC Challenge

 Write Anything has just announced the Form and Genre Challenge – a 52 week challenge to write, post and submit in a genre or writing form announced at the WA blog each Sunday. The full schedule is up for the next year and can be downloaded as a PDF for forward planning. 

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Bleh Memes

Excuse me while I don’t sneeze – my dental surgeon gave me strict instructions not to sneeze, or blow my nose over the next week. Yesterday I had a tooth extracted, and those were the instructions I was left with, along with some pain medication which doesn’t appear to be very useful, some salt water to gargle with, and one big ache. Being semi-lucid, I figure I’ll just type up this Insecure Writer’s Support Group post, anyways.

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Indie Publishing – What I Learnt from Mike Wells

Mike Wells writes thrilling fiction, and gives some of it away.

As I start to look into the benefits of indie or self-publishing, some of the techniques exampled by Mike Wells sit as excellent techniques for how to build that initial following.

Note – this post is also published at HunterEmkay.com.

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