Free Autumn/Spring MOOC Courses of Interest to Writers

How to study a MOOC has recently published the Lifehacker University Fall 2015 Programme, which in essence is a roundup list of links to free university and MOOC online courses available at this time.

Of interest, I chose several which pique my own writer within (although some of the computer programming ones are also of interest). My choice for some interesting online courses (quoted from Lifehacker University) for fiction writers after the cut.

But if you want others, read the Lifehacker post. And at the bottom the post lists many other resources for MOOC courses you can find.

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3 Days, 3 Free Mini Writing Workshops

When I was a learner writer (as if we ever stop being that?!) I found a lot of help through Holly Lisle’s online writing workshops.

Her large (7 month) basics class, How to Think Sideways is relaunching for a very brief time again at the moment, and to celebrate (and draw you in) there are 3 mini workshops starting today. These are completely free to take, all you need is to signup to an email system.

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How to Create a Visual Writer’s Bio Like Mine (with free template).

Visual Resume 2014There’s been some interest (thanks to Cate’s repost lately) in my Visual Writer’s Bio, and one request for instructions. So here they are, should you want to play around with making your own bio. I used commonly available software, and have a template for you.

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Freebie Book: Cook Like a Writer

I’ve had food on the mind lately. Specifically – cake. I put my fixation onto my lack of strength after a bout with the flu, I must need a quick sugar hit or something. Here’s a freebie recipe book written by- and for writers, available from Smashwords. Available in all formats for free.

Note: Aunt Maxine’s Applesauce Cake sounds particularly appealing at this point.

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