All Quiet

Apparently, I don’t blog much anymore. Who woulda thought?

Well,  the spammers started noticing, which forced me back on. So – here’s a quick update.

  1. I’m still alive (save for an Autumnal visit of the flu/cold lurgy) and writing.
  2. I’m still working daily on a series of YA superhero fiction – it’s getting very complicated. I’m intending daisy chaining the release schedule when three-four are completed (including pro-editing).
  3. I’m still taking the occasional online course to progress my writing experience and networks. The latest is on short stories – which have always flummoxed me, but I’m going to give them another go.
  4. I still read a lot and try to keep abreast of writing and theory – everything I find is shared across at my E4W tumblr site. Which has 1100 followers, so I must be doing something right.  Occasionally I put up masterposts which point to the best links and resources on certain topics like structure, plotting etc. BUT I don’t spend time on answer boxes – I want to write (and plan, and edit) not write about writing much anymore. I don’t consider myself an expert, just a curator.
  5. I am spending too much time (and doughnut money) on the addictive game Simpsons Tapped Out.
  6. My study renovation is done. I have an entire office of pleasure. And I’m currently typing this out while overlooking the golden leaves of some native trees outside. It’s cold and windy, with a sharp taste of winter coming here in Sydney today.

Such is life for me. How is everyone else going?

Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings.

christmas wishes

Featured above, Dougy is my new writing mascot. He doesn’t actually write, but there certainly could be a story written about him. It’s been a horrible year for my family, and certainly for my home town of Sydney and Australia recently. When things like these current events happen, it brings us to a stop, and during that breath, we remind ourselves what we are truly grateful for.

Dougy, despite his naughtiness, is one of those little things.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, seasons greetings, and every other blessing. See you in the New Year.

In memory of Clare, my best friend and bridesmaid, who passed on with breast cancer early this year, after fighting it off for three decades.

In memory of two pets who shared short but blessed lives with my family – Mickey the cavoodle and Mr Latte the bunny.

In memory of the souls taken during the Sydney Siege and the eight children taken up north allegedly by their mother.

In gratitude for the heroes, small and big.

Weekly Report Card – to July 30th

Here’s the second Weekly Report Card.

As I’ll be away for a week or so, this blog will be going on another short break from tomorrow. This time around, I’ve only prepared a couple of simple scheduled posts. I will also not be able to approve comments or respond to communications for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

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