Productivity Fortnight+1 & #52Tech: Apps and Systems for That

This is the final post within the three week Productivity series, and also falls as Week 30 for the #52Tech Series.

This post is a random collection of further systems and tech associated with some of the topics covered over the productivity series. You will find tools to help out in email zero’ing, timing and prioritising tasks and further resources on productivity.

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#52Tech & Productivity Fortnight+1: Eating Task Animals

Today’s Week 28 post in the #52Tech series also discusses more in the Productivity Fortnight+1 series currently published.

Today we’re going to deal with eating tasks in animal size bites. And of course, there are a couple of tools for that.

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Productivity Fortnight+1: SMART Goals to Chunks

The previous posts defined productivity as being something we’re passionate about getting accomplished.

The next few posts begin to drill down on those high level dream goals and chunk out into actionable chunks. Along the way, we’ll look at quite a few productivity systems.

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A-Z #IndieLife| Habit Tracking Apps

The H post for #26Tech A-Z Challenge profiles a few useful productivity apps in the habit tracking category. These are specifically habit tracking apps for writers.

As this post falls on the second Wednesday of this month, it also forms part of the monthly #IndieLife blog rounds.

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Rethinking Books (I) – Book Love Good or Bad?


As a writer, my whole job is centred around books. To make a good writer,we have to be a good reader too. Which comes very easily for most of us. We love words, so we read, and then we write, and read some more.

But today I had an epiphany, thanks to an online news article. Today, I began to rethink my love of books, and see them as – dare I suggest it – clutter! It’s a love that can go bad, just like any relationship, and one which is better off managed.

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