#IndieLife – Keeping Abreast of Business

Dirty confession time – I wasn’t going to write up an IndieLife post for this second Wednesday of the month. I’ve been feeling a little disheartened by all the to-ing and fro-ing (had to hyphenate those, as auto-spell swaps in towing and frying – which fits just as well).

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#IndieLife | Are you the GateKeeper? I’m the KeyMaster.

I’ve been down on indie lately. The ‘us against them’ mentality that remains prevalent across the net lately can just do that.

But Indie as a publishing mechanism has been fraught with controversy and some interesting news only over the last week – and yesterday. Here are the links, should you not have caught up.

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Writing Magazine (U.K.) Year Index

I read several writing magazines, mostly in electronic form as the imported magazines available in Aussie new stands are very expensive. I've always been a subscriber of the two U.K. Magazines – Writer's Forum and Writing Magazine, but until now the editions went by without an easy method of referring back to articles.

Joanne Phillips is a British author, who also loves indexing. From her website, she's provided a PDF index of Writing Magazine, 2012 and 2011. Those direct links will open the PDFs for you. Also take time to check out Joanne's series on Self-Publishing, it's a major resource.


Indie Life: Finding a Home and Internet Dating

IndieLifeEvery second Wednesday of the month, the Indelibles blog holds the Indie Life blogfest. Signup here, and follow around the linky route for other posts. This is my first entry into Indie Life, just in the nick of time.

Today I wanted to briefly talk about the mixed feelings of home found in being an Indie writer.

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I've just signed up for a free online conference for indie writers, running from the 19th to 21st February. Some well known writers/speakers will be running hour long topic sessions, chats and giveaways over IndieReCon. Registration is free – just sign up with your email address.

For those with international time zones or other reasons they can't make the sessions, the posts will be kept up for a certain timing. Note – I went to the site initially on my iPad, and the iOS website doesn't show you the sidebar panel. Change to the website version if you find you can't see the sign up a box to register for IndieReCon.


Investing in Myself – Courses galore, and some free stuff for you.

There comes a time in any writer’s life where you have to come out of the closet.

I’ve previously regaled anyone reading this blog with my own tale of the first few times I actually spoke the words out loud to somebody who was basically a complete stranger. But when most of my writing life is spent nowadays either knuckled down alone in the writing studio (give or take the odd Australian native wildlife, and an accompanying cat) or on the internet virtually, then it’s an easy thing to get away with. I can just slip back there into my natural introverted cacoon state, and it’s all okey-dokey.

(To be honest, I’m often surprised myself about how easily you guys believe that I am a writer).

Today I took a big step out of the closet, and invested in myself.

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