#IWSG: Free Motivation in Ebooks and Manifestos

Being totally insecure as a writer right now, like many I appreciate some quick motivating reads. Several writers are coming out with free short-length PDF’s and manifestos lately.

Here are a few I’ve found motivating.

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#IWSG Happy Birthday Insecure Writers Support Group

iWSG birthdayiwsgHappy 2nd Birthday to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group begun by Alex Cavanaugh. I don’t have much to say today at all. I enjoy anniversaries / birthdays more than I used to in my twenties, when the business of life often meant birthdays and such were lost in the slipstream.

Nowadays a lot of bloggers celebrate blogiversaries also, often with giveaways or competitions. Alex has promised something special on his blog, and as I’m posting this in Aussie timing (so almost half a day at least before most other Support Group writers, then I’ll head you over there to see what’s up. Go see all the IWSG participants at the signup list, and help celebrate.


#IWSG Really Small Bite Writing

iwsgI broke out of hospital last Sunday, but having now researched into my surgery and recovery more (previously I played ostrich on the event) I have discovered that of all the medical procedures out there, I appear to have happened upon the one that provides a legitimate excuse for actually not writing.

Yes, really.

Nevertheless, I’m giving it a shot, starting with this blog post – done in very small chunks.

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Insecure Writing – On a Trip

As you read this, I’m not here right now. There’s a good chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and catching up on some reading from my mountainous ToReads.

There’s an even better chance I’ll be sitting around a tropical pool, enjoying some Southern Hemisphere winter sunshine, and fretting over the fact I’ve hit a bump in my writing, and am feeling lost and guilty and fearful that I’m a pretty rubbish writer really.

Should I take my writing on holiday with me? Will a change of scenery for me, as a writer, help to kick the missing mojo back in? Or should writing have a holiday too?

Is that even possible?

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#IWSG – Mind Power for the Reluctant Writer

iwsgFor my ROW80 checkin post on Sunday/Monday I let out the incredible news that even during all my sexy little other tasks (like Facebook, twitter, writing blog posts like this one, or even feeding back and trialing a new book coming on the market) I was finally feeling the calling to get back to work and write and complete my writing project.

That’s pretty BIG in the scheme of things in my mind. Because my writing task at the moment is revision.

Now, I’m feeling much more secure in myself. This post is for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group which publishes post like these every first Wednesday of the month.

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#IWSG NaNo to Go

It is, with a rush, the first Wednesday of October and therefore an Insecure Writer’s Support Group post is necessary. Unfortunately, faced with this, I realised I’m so busy that I don’t have much else to say. Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, where this time of the year is known to be slowing down, allowing for more effort towards our writing, those like me down under find ourselves trying to cope with end of school terms, summer holidays, and barbeques (hey, I didn’t say it was all tough). And at the moment a heatwave.

But of course – next month it’s NaNoWriMo. Now that I can write a little about.

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