#52Tech Week 24 and Journaling Week–The Bullet Journal

Today concludes the Journaling Week, and also works as a #52Tech post.

Today’s post is not about a tech tool, but rather, a productivity system which hacks together an analogue method for list task management.

I particularly like the Bullet Journal system because it offers users a free method for not only simple journal planner setup in list form, but it’s stylistically expandable, and can accomplish many other forms of journaling within. And it meets the new findings towards handwriting rather than digital.

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Journaling Week: The Done List

Continuing on with the Journaling Week, today’s post discusses the “Done List”.

The “Done List” is a popular productivity method for those who prefer to track their achievements than make task lists. It’s been featured on many top websites like Lifehacker on several occasions. The Done List as a name obviously comes from the opposing side of a productivity system we all know about – that of the To Do List.

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Journaling Week: Journaling is Personal

Anyone who has read this blog may have some understanding of the struggle I personally have with journaling. Writers are constantly advised to journal their lives, to note down conversations overheard, or thoughts experienced and bombarded by quotes, author interviews and pictures of famous writer’s diaries left for posterity. All telling us that we should be journaling, or keeping a writer’s notebook.

This week is Journaling Week on this site. Through the week I will preview a few journaling systems and thoughts, beginning with this brief introduction.

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Writing about You! Memoir or Book of Me Journaling

As a fiction writer my head is often away with the fae (or murderous criminals, in my case). But a recent hop into hospital found me looking tentatively at a worse-case scenario – what if I didn’t wake up? How would my ten year old daughter know about her mother when she needed it?

Such thoughts used to be better defined. But somehow the whole legacy thing, a constant motivation for the scrapbooking craft, remained unattached to my true love of writing. My huge albums of family photographs with explanatory titles and text have always been seen as my legacy for the family. But those don’t include my own childhood, or even some memories best not dwelled on.

How ironic, for a writer. Time to fix that gap in my writing. That gap…of me.

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