Link Love Friday: Back with some marketing

HuntingDownWriting Link Love

It’s been some time since my last Link Love post. I’ve been busy. Writing, reading, arithmetic, all that.

I have a small selection of links from the last few weeks. These are themed towards book marketing, but without the hard sell “you must do this, or that” stance.

For anyone looking towards some book marketing or platform work in the future.

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Friday Link Love for Writers 7June13

HuntingDownWriting Link LoveI post links to interesting blog posts and information for writers on an almost daily basis. Those tweets (cross-posted to my Facebook page) will appear in the Tweet summary in the footer of this website (and in my twitter stream) but I’m going to post a list of my favourites here again as some linky love.

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Aspiring Writer Advice

  1. The big snews (social news) of the week is Chuck Wendig’s ramble – 25 things I want to say to so-called “aspiring” writers. Read it first –
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    Advice to all aspiring writers: live a little.
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    RT @MargaretAtwood: Aspiring writers: There’s also a site called @Storiad. Up to you to compare with @inkubate…
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    A tip for aspiring writers: If you want me to email you back, don’t spell “writer” with two T’s in the message. #amateurhour
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    RT @RonnieDauber: The Aspiring Writers Short Story Competitions group on LinkedIn has now published its 2012 Anthology with the…
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  7. Now Write!