#52Tech | Week 11: ThingLink – Beef up your Visual Resumes and Marketing

ThingLink is an online app which allows you to create hotlinks embedded into images you upload. You can then share those images to social media, or embed into your website.

Perfect for beefing up your visual banners, images, resumes and marketing materials.

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Link Love Friday: Back with some marketing

HuntingDownWriting Link Love

It’s been some time since my last Link Love post. I’ve been busy. Writing, reading, arithmetic, all that.

I have a small selection of links from the last few weeks. These are themed towards book marketing, but without the hard sell “you must do this, or that” stance.

For anyone looking towards some book marketing or platform work in the future.

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Indie Life: Visual Book Review – How to Market a Book

IndieLifeDue to my current bout with Fijian flu, I’m a couple of days late on the monthly Indie Life post, but wanted to incorporate this visual book review, relevant to Indie Authors.

Joanna Penn is well-known to writers with her www.thecreativepenn.com top writing website, and she’s just come out with a new book for writers – How to Market a Book. Although she says (quite rightly) that marketing is relevant to both traditionally published and self-published authors nowadays, the book concentrates very much on aspects of marketing and publishing up to Amazon for Indie writers. The book is an excellent reference tool, and I’m including my 5 star review from Goodreads below the graphic review.

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IndieReCon: Marketing Week Coming Up

IndieReCon is the website which earlier in the year provided a full FREE weekend of online workshops (blog posts) on many subjects relevant to authors.

Next week there is to be a Marketing Mania Week, with posts / workshops up from the likes of CJ Lyons (Build Your Brand), Georgia McBride (National Media), KP Simmons (Reading the Teen Markets) and Penny Sansevier (Ten years of wisdom in book marketing on and off-line).

Bookmark the IndieReCon site for next week, June 10 – 13.