K is for Knockout Novel and Writer’s Knowledge Base

I interrupt this posting schedule for a bonus post on James Scott Bell’s newest endeavour – Knockout Novel. This is a training program that sits in the free Hiveword online novel organiser website. Hiveword also contains the Writer’s Knowledge Base, both are free, but if you want JSB’s Knockout Novel, this is paid for as a one-off $49.

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How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

If anyone is interested, The Guardian UK posted 30 days worth of Novel crafting articles on its website in October 2012. These have been excerpted from an edited extract of ‘First Draft in 30 Days‘ (Writer’s Digest Books) by Karen Wiesner, and beautifully illustrated by Jess Wilson – one of which appears here.

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Listening to some Thriller Writers (Platform Building)

Warning : this is written from my sick bed, on an iPad, without a keyboard. Need I excuse myself more? 

But  I took a look at the small list of thriller/suspense writers over at the Writers’ Platform Building Campaign and realised that I knew several of them (get me, I actually know people!) and more importantly, they have some pretty good stuff to say. 

Here they are, then – 

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