#atozchallenge O is for Obstacles and Opportunities in Writing

Once I accepted the writing call I quickly learned that life would send me many obstacles and many opportunities in writing. My problem was sorting the two out, and forming a mindset that can deal with obstacles, while exploring the opportunities found in being a writer. Yet still finish my projects.

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[Reblog] F is for Filing Cabinet: Organizing with File Folders

Denise shares some organization approaches for writers in this A to Z series.

Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers

By Denise Reashore

Purchased a new filing cabinet or does the old one look like a bomb went off? Has it become a free for all storage area or an unorganized “organized” mess? Why not rearrange, clean out or organize it to suit your writing needs?

Even if the only available space is one drawer, try colour coordinating your writing files:

  • Designate one colour (ie. red) to the business of writing: Business cards; Mailing address labels; Biography; Resume; Union dues; Expenses; Income tax claims
  • Choose another colour, like black, to hold copies of templates found in writing books and from courses but make sure to keep your original copy
  • Pick a bright or neon colour to identify your present writing: Works in Progress
  • A paler coordinating colour could be used to file away work once it has been sent to publishers: Works Sent
  • Keep a file for works published…

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