2013 Writer’s Year Planner

writers year plannerWriting World has another edition of the free yearly planner for writers. The 2013 Writer’s Planner is available as a free to download PDF or excel spreadsheet. There is a new edition with days broken into half hour sessions, or the classic edition has quarter hour sessions. A print version is available via lulu. There is also a submission tracker in PDF and Excel format, available to download also.

Use it to plan your schedule, organize your tasks, record your achievements, track your goals and progress, and keep track of important deadlines. Each week opens with a place to list your priorities and upcoming deadlines, and ends with an inspirational quote about writing. Each day, there’s space to make note of your achievements, tasks completed, and progress.

15 Links to help develop a Business Plan for Writers (and one that doesn’t)

Cartoon by Sheila Hollingworth, available in Authorpreneurship by Hazel Edwards. http://www.hazeledwards.com/page/authorpreneurship_the_business_of_creativity.html


This week I’ve taken a break from my editing tasks on my first book aside, aware that I should have some kind of plan going forward – a business and marketing plan.

There’s no point going onwards without some kind of strategy in place. I found this out the hard way – with so many options, advice and information available for the writer nowadays, it confused me just where I was going, and what my objectives really were in building a writing career.

But coming up with this type of plan actually turned out much harder than I anticipated.

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