7 Masterplots or More… [Resources]

A few days ago I published “7 Point Structure” in response to an email question. But, over the time in writing and publishing I had returned to my email questioner to ask exactly what was meant – when she talked about 7 Plots, did she mean “7 Plot-points” or did she mean “7 plots as in Master-plots”? The response back was identical to the initial question – she meant 7 Plots. Which wasn’t ideally helpful.

But such is writing – just about everything we talk about has one or two different names for the elements of a story, and sometimes we can’t be clear on what it is exactly that we may be looking for. So here are the 7 Master (or Basic or Universal) Plots.

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Lester Dent’s 6000 Word Master Short Fiction Plot [Now with Scrivener Template]

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Part of any writer’s career path is staying abreast of techniques and knowledge in how to better our writing. It’s a lifetime learning process. As a fiction writer, I hold an interest in different structural plotting techniques. Enter Lester Dent.

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Notebook Share : Geoplotted

Lookee, I really am using the old-school retro writer’s tool – a notebook. Okay, admittedly I haven’t written on this page, rather I’ve used it for a drawing, but the principle’s still there.

This is a share of my geoplotted attempt to come up with some plot points / scenes via a storymap. I just learnt this plotting technique via Todd Stone’s Make the Most of NaNo online workshop at Savvy Authors.com. The numbers beside the settings are in scene order, and elsewhere I have written what actually must take place in these places – the plot, at a high level.

Learning about Blue


As an update for my writing, I can only admit to one thing – inlaw visits and writing just don’t mix. I don’t know how I couldn’t have fathomed this earlier – there’s nothing much wrong with my inlaws, I’ve had them visit me before, have holidayed with them, and I’ve lived with them for six months when freshly moved to the UK. But somehow, everytime I’m living with them again, I find that I’d forgotten just how they are.

Without bringing up a whole heap of repressed annoyances and current irritations, they are — er, demanding. All day.

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