Productivity Fortnight+1: GTD and Related Concepts

GTD or Getting Things Done are from the renowned productivity book and practices of David Allen. As the title says, GTD is designed to get all the things in your world – done.

Previous posts in this series have touched on many of the concepts within GTD. These will be linked to, and the system and some derivatives featured today.

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Productivity Fortnight+1: FHWW and The 3 P’s

FHWW or The 4-Hour Work Week is a reknowned lifestyle design book by Tim Ferriss. The book contains some hacks for maximising productivity with the overall objective of cutting down a work week to four hours.

The FHWW productivity concepts include several well-known principles such as Pareto’s, Parkinson’s Law and timing techniques like Pomodoro, which will be discussed in this post also.

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#52Tech & Productivity Fortnight+1: Priorities and Decision Making

Some tasks are easy to prioritise – they must be done first because other tasks lead off, or are dependent on their completion. But others aren’t as easily prioritised and ordered into our days.

Today’s posts look at some productivity systems which can help in decision making and prioritisation of work tasks. At the bottom, some tips also.  And being a #52Tech post as well, naturally there are a couple of good apps for that.

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#52Tech & Productivity Fortnight+1: Eating Task Animals

Today’s Week 28 post in the #52Tech series also discusses more in the Productivity Fortnight+1 series currently published.

Today we’re going to deal with eating tasks in animal size bites. And of course, there are a couple of tools for that.

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Productivity Fortnight+1: SMART Goals to Chunks

The previous posts defined productivity as being something we’re passionate about getting accomplished.

The next few posts begin to drill down on those high level dream goals and chunk out into actionable chunks. Along the way, we’ll look at quite a few productivity systems.

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