#52 Tech | Week 13–Speed Reading Apps

Not long ago, I posted on my plans to read faster, based on an article I’d read about speed-reading in Success Magazine. The technique involved a finger scanning method, which is a permutation of one of the older speed reading techniques called meta guiding.

More recently, there’s been a lot of internet interest in speed-reading helper apps, particularly because they can be purchased so cheaply now, and are on our mobile devices. I’ll profile some below.

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How to Speed Read with Focus

How to speed read – monster finger optional.

I've been trying to make the most of this season over the past couple of weeks. Large blocks of time for sitting down to write are out, due to my daughter being home on her summer school holidays and the rush of the season, getting ready for Christmas, all that.

But these hot summer days down under have some bonuses – I have time for some luxurious reading. Part of this silly season is also about goals and tasks or resolutions, of course.

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Book Notes: Learning from Books


A little while ago I took the most-often taken road of a writer – I decided to no longer review books. This is something quite difficult NOT to do. Writers, are by nature, readers firstly – most of us got into writing after a lifetime reading habit.

Once we accept and start working on writing as our domain, our career, we also strike the contrariness of reading as a writer, and no longer for pleasure.

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Crime Book Club

Rebecca Bradley is running a Crime Book Club. You can signup for this by finding her on Google+ and asking to join. Also join the newsletter to get current information.  The book club meets the third Wednesday of the month (or Thursdays for my Aussie timings) on a Google hangout chat – which for those unable to attend, will also be streamed into YouTube.

Crime Book ClubThe Crime Book Club details can be found on Rebecca’s blog – post explaining it here, a Facebook Page, and via the #crimebookclub hashtag on Twitter.  September’s book club has us reading The Silent Wife by A. S. A. Harrison. October’s list of three books is now up ready for voting.

Note: the graphic used for this was created for my blog post. The Crime Book Club may well have a different blog badge with time.

Just let me Read *Not* Like a Writer for once!

10 Day Write Blog Challenge Daily8This post is participating in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge, Day Eight.

The alternative prompt for this challenge asks us to Pay it Forward, and profile another writer’s blog post with our response. Today I’m profiling Gabriela Pereira’s excellent site, DIYMFA, but ranting against the whole Reading Like a Writing message found on a must-bookmark post.

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