A new talk sketched daily, by fan Stefani Bachetti

As I’m watching a lot of TED talks and I love sketching – this is a wonderful mashup.

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TEDSketchNotes.Tumblr.com gives you Cliffs Notes to talks from speakers like Del Harvey, Ken Robinson, Andras Forgacs and Ed Yong, in sketchbook form. The passion project of Chicago-area designer Stefani Bachetti, what sets this Tumblr apart from other sketchnote spins on talks (see them from TEDGlobal 2011, TED2012, TED2013 and TED2014) is that a new image gets posted every weekday, more or less.

“I’ve been doing sketchnotes professionally on the side for a while, and teach the occasional workshop on it,” says Bachetti. “I’m always telling people interested in getting better to go watch a bunch of TED Talks to practice. I figured if I’m always telling people to go do it, maybe I should lead by example.”

Bachetti takes notes as she watches a talk, then spends an additional 10 to 15 minutes filling in color and shading. From there, she posts the image to Tumblr. “I’ve been trying to make…

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