Holiday Reading

I’m back from ten days in the Fijian sun, but arrived home with the worst bout of flu I’ve had in years, so am incapable of doing much more than sleeping a lot, and doing a quick roundup of my holiday reading. Cricket sounds…in my head. See you soon, once I extract myself from the duvet.

Oh, and you were right – apart from tapping into a reading log, I did no writing whilst on holiday.

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#ROW80 Checkin – Learning Resilience (Book Review)

My ten year old daughter has several areas on her  school records and curricula which attempt to (somehow) teach and quantify resilience. Resilience is a necessary trait for humankind, but it beats me when it became such an issue as to be put onto several nation’s educational agendas.

But nowadays we have so much more pressure to perform, are so adverse to risk, and there are just so many distractions. Our children, it seems, are being brought up in a society that doesn’t let them grow and experience their own boundaries.  Or how to break through them when those boundaries get too small, or too many.

That’s my daughter’s excuse anyway. Not mine.

But somebody forgot to tell me that when I was younger, and at this tender young age of forty-(ahem)-something I am yet to grow that thicker skin. This is a story of my own failure.

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