Local Wildlife while I write

I was outside with the dogs this lunchtime, celebrating having finished revising my full novel (one caveat below) by allowing myself a sunshine read of the latest British Writer Magazine

…When this wandered by.

I hadn’t realised echidnas could be resident in Sydney. Until now. He or she eats termites and ants, always a good thing. You should see the size of the bull ants in this state.

Revision Done

This morning I finished off Y, Z, added a couple of sentences to E, and D. That means, technically, that I’m pretty much finished revision, and ready to go with the beta / critique partner reads.

With one but.

Should that be butt, given the size of it?

I have a problem with my main series character, Blue Rayne. Blue only has a bit-part in Blue Daisies, but her characterisation isn’t quite right in it. I have identified a character flaw that works for Blue in future novels – and managed to hint at it within one of her appearances in Blue Daisies. But in her major scene her character–as written some months ago, is not correct. The chapter needs a complete rewrite, or at least half rewrite, with Blue reacting and acting very differently than what has been written.

But so far several sleeps-on-it, prayers to my muse, walks in the park, parking the thoughts, washing the toilets – all those mumbo-jumbo methods we writers use to inspire us into a resolution – HAVE NOT WORKED.


So, I’m still waiting to rewrite that scene. It’ll come when it darn well wants to, it seems. In the meantime, I’ll go photograph the local wildlife some more.