Scrivener for iOS is on the way!

I feel like Christmas is coming early. On the same day I grew envious of Mac users once again (the reportedly fantastic Ulysses writing program has just released onto the iPad) I read of the released to in-house beta for Scrivener iOS.

And once through the thorough beta testing program, it's coming with the capability for both Windows and Mac desktop Scrivener users to sync through Dropbox.

Ah, it reminds me of my old software testing days. I'm very excited to watch how it goes.

Incidentally, for those like me who use Evernote and Scrivener on a daily basis, Gwen Hernandez has just posted an instructional on how to use Evernote notes inside of Scrivener. I suffer from similar problems in using Web based imports into Win Scrivener, but am impressed by Gwen's alternative option in exporting first. WTH had I not thought of that?

And if you still can't wait for ScriviOS, here's a techie post by Steve Hopstaken on editing Scrivener files on IOS devices via an RTF editor and iCloud sync.


#52Tech Week 51–All Time Favourite Tech for Writers

Okay, the penultimate post in the yearlong #52Tech series. The final one next week will simply provide an index post for the entire series. And this one contains a rundown of personal favourite Top 2 apps I use for writing.

These will not be a surprise at all. Both of these apps got me through as a winner this NaNoWriMo, and are now taking me into editing and revision.

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Learn Scrivener Fast

Way back in January of this year I posted about Joseph Michael’s fantastic Scrivener course, Learn Scrivener Fast, and believed in it so much that I became an affiliate. But I’m not a great marketer, which appears to be less needed every month, with the Learn Scrivener Fast course taking off across the net.

But with the arrival of a lot of emails in my own inbox today, now’s the time to remind you.

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My **Markdown** Workflows for Scrivener, Blogging and Evernote

Below are some workflows between my typical writing apps, using Markdown as a writing syntax. I can use Markdown to format my notes and texts quickly ready for publishing to my blog, through Scrivener, and even into my huge research and notes database in Evernote.

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Online Video Courses : Scrivener Coach

Part of my own self development efforts this year sits around forming a good technical knowledge of the software and apps that I utilise on a day to day basis as a writer. The writing program, Scrivener, is a major tool in my writing toolbox. And there’s now an excellent course available for visual-orientated learners for the program.

Joseph Michael is the self-named “Scrivener Coach” and endorsed by Literature and Latte for his set of video courses and tutorials. I signed up, and here’s what I thought.

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