What’s your Superpower?

So, I’ve been playing around some more with character development, and got to the point of choosing superpowers. Combined with Myers-Briggs indicators, enneagrams and maybe a smattering of zodiac, Olympic Gods and all (because, why not?).

I have a small household of superhero nerds, so the subject comes up a lot – what’s the superpower you would choose if you could?

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Superhero Presumptions 3

Superman, Thor and Batman wear capes. Given that Superman can fly already, and Batman and Thor do not fly, I must rule out the reasoning that capes add aerodynamic functionality (In fact, all that flapping about and entangling of arms must cause some aerial and war-hammer throwing issues).

With that presumption gone, I come to only one conclusion about the wearing of the non-functional large item of clothing – the superhero cape:

Superman, Thor and Batman fear their butts look big from the back.

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Your Creative Superpowers

This is a post by Randy Ingermanson – “the Snowflake Guy” first published in the December 2012 edition of his newsletter. I happen to love superheros, and want me some of these superpowers also.

The images used are supplied by me. Check out Randy’s superb ezine newsletter for news and views for writers.

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