A to Z, and B to B

Announcing: this blog will be participating again in April’s Blogging from A to Z Challenge, alongside 1000 other bloggers.

And perhaps even bigger news: I have also decided to blog a book here, plus provide additional free bonus resources for news list readers.

Details after the cut.

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New Tech for Writer’s Newsletter due out Tuesday

Just a heads up. The newest edition of my Tech for Writer’s newsletter is due out Tuesday 10th. Entitled the Manifesto edition, it is themed towards technology and manifestos. Inside, there are two requests for help – in a technology manifesto I’m writing currently, and in being on the street team for my upcoming book, Evernote for Writers.

If you’re not already on this newsletter list, signup before Monday to get the newsletter.

Ready for November and some Coffee Tips?

Coffee Tips

One day to go to the writing world’s marathon month. Readers of this blog may have noticed that there have been slightly less blog posts around lately. Expect even less during November, but I’ll make it up to you later, and over the month, with a new Coffee Tip newsletter.

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Free: NaNoWriMo Checklist


This is the second bonus report (along with the Top Ten Power User Hacks for Writers using Evernote) – a one page NaNoWriMo checklist.

To get both these reports, you simply need to signup to the Tech for Writers newslist. Both reports will be coming out in the next edition of this newsletter, due tomorrow my time (that’s Tuesday for most of you).

Signup for the Tech for Writers newsletter here.

Top Ten Power User Hacks for Writers Using Evernote

Top10 Power User Hacks

If you want access to this free 4-page of Top Ten Hacks for Writers using Evernote, simply sign up for the Tech for Writers newsletter. This PDF contains ten top tips, instructions and screenshots of some of the best features for writers using the free Evernote cloud-based note taking apps.

The next edition, due out mid-week will contain this free content, plus a bonus NaNoWriMo checklist.

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Evernote Gives Post-It Notes a 2nd Life

Want to learn how to use Evernote’s new Post-It notes camera (for iOS users)? Readers of the new Tech for Writers newsletter got a free walk-through guide to this. Simply signup here, and I’ll send the latest newsletter out to you.

Oh, the first edition also has a bit about Scrivener and NaNoWriMo.

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