Manuskript looks promising

Manuskript is a new open source writing platform currently under heavy development. But the screenshots look promising, offering a Scrivener-like look and what gets me excited: a storyline graph tool, for tracking throughlines.

If interested, take a look here –

Note – I haven’t tried the downloads, as the product currently needs a lot of support code, but my thanks to Oliver for pointing it out to me.

Tech for Writers: Writing with Jeopardy or Kittens

Most writers I know have been aware of the perilous Write or Die app for several years, but there are a few new options if writing with jeopardy is something which tools up your writing productivity.

Note – this is not how I can write. I need to pause and think a lot, so having my words disappear on me doesn't work. But Write or Die's newest edition caters for writers like me also.

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#52Tech Week 51–All Time Favourite Tech for Writers

Okay, the penultimate post in the yearlong #52Tech series. The final one next week will simply provide an index post for the entire series. And this one contains a rundown of personal favourite Top 2 apps I use for writing.

These will not be a surprise at all. Both of these apps got me through as a winner this NaNoWriMo, and are now taking me into editing and revision.

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#52Tech Week 47 – Writing Interactive Fiction

For my current WIP, being written through NaNoWriMo as you read this (cross fingers) I am toying around with multi-media inclusions to tell parts of the story. What it won’t be is fully interactive, but nowadays there is a renaissance of interactive stories going on, especially around the Role Play universe.

IF is the acronym given to the text-based reader-choice genre of interactive fiction.  The genre is sometimes referred to as choice-based narratives, and in gaming terms, as an MCG (multiple choice game). Today I’m taking a precursory look at a couple of environments which allow a writer to create IF storylines.

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#52Tech Week 45 Tracking Words for NaNo–WriteTrack and Others

We are now one week into NaNoWriMo, but even writers who aren’t participating in a writing marathon need to track their progress. For both sets, here are a couple of tools which offer wordcount progress tracking with some customisation features to fit into your own writing time plans.

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