WIP First Draft Done

I did it. Blue Daisies is complete to a semi-revised second draft status. I just put down the final 900 words onto the final story. I also completed Camp NaNoWriMo and verified my wordcount, but there is no badge to celebrate that.

I’ve been fighting some health issues over the past week, and there have been a couple of days where I just couldn’t motivate myself to write, so I’m very happy to meet my targets, and complete the WIP draft by the end of this week. On top of this, I’ve had three root canals over the last two weeks, and have had problems – after sitting with my mouth open for two hours each time –  in talking and eating. Writing is one way I’ve gotten to talk, lol, even if nobody else is listening as yet.

There you have it. I’ll be taking a break from the blog for a week or so very shortly – it’s Winter school holidays end of this week. Then I will return for some more deep revision before taking up the kind offers of beta reading to help me clean up my act. Now, I’ve got some reading to catch up on, sitting out in the sun.

#ROW80 Checkin – nearly there

I hit 60,000 on my shorts novella (which obviously isn’t a novella at all, but a full-blown novel), today. It’s a long weekend here in Aus, celebrating The Queen’s birthday (although she has her real one in April). The weather is horrible (it is winter, after all) so I’ve made the most and written a little. Normally I don’t write on the weekends, so this is a bonus.

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