Register for the free online Writers Conference

The Muse Online Writer's Conference has opened again for this year. This is the only free conference of its kind across the world. Participants can make the use of workshops and pitch sessions to agents.

The conference will be running from October 8-14th this year. Registration is open NOW until September 24th. Pitch entries are open until September 25th according to the website

Details: The Muse Online Writers Conference


#IWSG Learning to Have a Relationship with Revision

In my previous ROW80 Checkin post I admitted that over the past few days I’ve found myself taking a total break from my revision tasks on my work in progress. This came just after I’d drafted out the following post in readiness for my Insecure Writer’s Support Group blog.

It was a bit of a shock to find that I’d suddenly gone from almost loving the revision process, to facing a bit of revision block, but now that I’ve had time to consider this, it makes sense. The following post has been added to with my latest.

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#atozchallenge E for Environment

In writing, the environment where the story is told is called the setting. When it’s a big environment, it’s called world building. When we talk about world building, often the large worlds of fantasy or science fiction come to mind, but the term is also relevant to urban or this-world settings too.

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