#atozchallenge W is for The Writing Rule Book [Infographic]

Writing Maxims to Live By, and Break

“There are three rules for writing. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are.” – Somerset Maugham.

If only there were a Writing Rule Book, but it went missing, along with that Parent Manual 101 I was looking for some years back.

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#atozchallenge U is for Unplugging as a Writer

As writers, we are often advised to unplug ourselves – meaning: controlling the distractions that technology in particular offers us.

Today’s post will briefly discuss the big Unplug, which for me also involves the Unplugged Weekend, and a controversial subject of a writer’s retreat where there’s no writing done. [Chuckles wickedly]

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M is for How to Make Write [Bonus Graphic]

Grant Snider graphic, posted at Incidental Comics in March this year.

Snider explains – “This drawing appears alongside a NYT Opinionator Draft essay by Henry Hitchings about the use of nominalization in writing. One type of nominalization is the appropriation of verbs as nouns, leading to attention-grabbing (and annoyance-inducing) phrases like the ones found in this comic”.

#atozchallenge J is for the Writing Journal

There are so many kinds of journals for writers nowadays. And I’m not talking the physicality of them (notebook or digital), but the reasons or themes for the contents – why we actually journal.

Today’s post will simply list some of the reasons for keeping a journal.

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Author Mission Statements

Author Mission Statements.

Via Vikki, I learnt of this post by Joanne Phillips, beckoning us all to come up with a mission statement.

A little like my own post on catch phrases some time ago, and I have to hold my head up in shame – coming up with something so definitive about myself is even harder than trying to snag a 25 word gripping elevator pitch or one paragraph blurb for a novel.

Much harder.