15 Links to help develop a Business Plan for Writers (and one that doesn’t)

Cartoon by Sheila Hollingworth, available in Authorpreneurship by Hazel Edwards. http://www.hazeledwards.com/page/authorpreneurship_the_business_of_creativity.html


This week I’ve taken a break from my editing tasks on my first book aside, aware that I should have some kind of plan going forward – a business and marketing plan.

There’s no point going onwards without some kind of strategy in place. I found this out the hard way – with so many options, advice and information available for the writer nowadays, it confused me just where I was going, and what my objectives really were in building a writing career.

But coming up with this type of plan actually turned out much harder than I anticipated.

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Write Anything’s GFC Challenge

 Write Anything has just announced the Form and Genre Challenge – a 52 week challenge to write, post and submit in a genre or writing form announced at the WA blog each Sunday. The full schedule is up for the next year and can be downloaded as a PDF for forward planning. 

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